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Mindfulness (Click on the links below to discover more content)

Relaxing, meditative, and restful nature sounds

Sound bath - heart coherence technique

Sound bath for well-being - A resource to explore emotions

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Protocol - Dr. Andrew Huberman

Emotional Well-Being and Coping with Covid-19

A good night's sleep - This is an article with some helpful tips for a better nights sleep.

Improve your sleep hygiene 

8 tips for a good night's sleep

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Resilence

Build and support your resilence by completing this Resilence Bingo card each week.  Resilence is your ability to 'bounce back" from the unpredictability of life. 


Zentangle, a fun and meditative way of drawing: or


Here is a list of some heart healthy articles that can help you on your journey to be healthier. 

Heart Health Benefits of Physical Activity 

Eating Right for Your Heart

Sugar Science

FAQ - Heart Healthy Diets